177th Annual Convention

The 177th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Chicago will take place on Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22 at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center in Lombard.

The theme of this year's convention is "Telling Our Stories." Author Sara Miles will give the keynote address, and the event will include opportunities to share experiences and learn from congregations across our diocese. Learn more.

What Evangelism Is and Isn't

Author Sara Miles, who has written deeply personal books on her conversion to Christianity and her ministry in poor communities in San Francisco, will be talking about listening when she gives the keynote speech at the diocese's convention on November 21 at the Westin Hotel in Lombard.

"I am really interested in talking about evangelism and what evangelism is and isn't," says the author of City of God, Take this Bread, and Jesus Freak. “The short version is that evangelism is about listening; it is not necessarily about telling." Read more. 

Nimble Enough to Respond: Church of the Advent, Logan Square

The Rev. Peter Siwek of Church of the Advent in Logan Square doesn’t romanticize doing ministry on a shoestring, but he is clear that it has some advantages. Siwek, who is the quarter-time vicar at the parish on the northwest side of Chicago, says that the congregation’s modest resources help people focus on the reasons they’re at church.

“The greatest spiritual gift is that all we have to offer is the Jesus story in community and the desire to help other people,” said Siwek. Read more.

Supporting Marriage Equality

The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago wishes to express its strong support as the State of Illinois officially begins celebrating same sex marriages on June 1. As a Christian denomination that recognizes the importance of scripture, tradition and reason, we believe in a God who commanded us to “love one another as I have loved you.” As Christians, our understanding of homosexuality has evolved along with our understanding of marriage.

Read the Standing Committee's entire statement and all of Bishop Lee's past letters on marriage equality.

Places of Grace and Gladness

The campaign for the Diocese of Chicago, Places of Grace and Gladness, is in the third and final stage. A call has gone out to congregations across the diocese asking for their participation in any amount possible. The response has been exciting and heartening. At this point in time over two-thirds of our congregations have indicated their commitment and the number grows each week.

As of now, every gift to the campaign goes to replenish the diocesan assets that make a variety of grants possible. These grants support and strengthen ministries across our diocese.

We give thanks to the parishes and missions that have pledged their support. View the list of participants to-date.