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Diocese of Chicago Staff Directory

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Bishop of Chicago

Jeffrey D. Lee


Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Anne Cothran 312.751.4217

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Ministries

Louisa McKellaston 312.751.4214

Acting Director of Ministries

Andrea Mysen 312.751.4203
Director of The Nicholas Center Scott Stoner


Assistant for The Nicholas Center and Living Compass Megan Krings


Archives Archives Email

312.751.4200 (temp)

Associate for Arts and Liturgy Dent Davidson 312.751.4216
Associate for Lifelong Christian Formation Vicki Garvey 312.751.4204
Associate for Hispanic Ministries Alvaro Araica 773.443.8189
Associate for Youth and Campus Ministry Chad Senuta 312.751.6722
Assistant for Youth Ministry Jess Elfring Roberts 312.751.4213
Consultant for the Thrive Program Susan Czolgosz 847.209.6191
Director of Networking
Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows 312.751.3577
Associate for Resource Development Shay Craig 312.751.3576
Administrative and Communications Assistant for Networking Jennifer Boyle-Tucker 312.751.4215
Communications Consultant Rebecca Wilson 330.524.2067

Director of Operations

Courtney Reid 312.751-6725
Assistant for Operations Karin Gutierrez 312.751.4219
Associate for Human Resources Anna Stefaniak 312.751.4202
Associate for Bishop & Trustees Property Management Tom Camell 312.751.4211


Keith Kampert 312.751.4201
Accounts Payable Clerk Rebecca Roberts 312.751.6726


Maria Terrones 312.751.4200
Receptionist Hector Cortes 312.751.4200

Maintenance Supervisor

Henry Leach 312.751.6729