Racial Justice Resources

Last year, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry issued a message to the Episcopal Church saying, "I ask and invite us as congregations and individuals who are together the Episcopal Church of the Jesus Movement to intentionally, purposely, and liturgically rededicate ourselves to the way of Jesus, the work of racial reconciliation, the work of healing and dismantling everything that wounds and divides us, the work of becoming God’s Beloved Community."

Find sermons, articles, and other resources for racial justice and reconciliation, and send your submissions to Jen Boyle-Tucker via email.


Bishops United Calls for Assault Weapons Ban, Prayer of Lamentation

Bishops United Against Gun Violence, of which Bishop Lee is a member, is calling the church to advocate for an assault weapons ban and to offer prayers of lamentation. Read their statement in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on the Bishops United website, and follow Episcopalians Against Gun Violence for updates on advocacy actions now being planned.

Transforming Leadership

Bishop Lee gave the keynote address at the 180th convention of the Diocese of Chicago on November 17:

Whenever I think about the topic of leadership, I can't help but remember a presentation I heard many years ago by Parker Palmer—an imaginative retelling of the story of the feeding of the 5000. I think about it often, especially in terms of the kind of ministry I am convinced we need a whole lot more of in the church just now...It's a way of hearing the story that has become precious to me...especially the longer I go on in this bishop business.

Read more or watch a video of the address.

Invest in Thriving Congregations

"When I travel around our diocese, I see transformation—the resurrection kind of change—at work in all kinds of congregations and communities," writes Bishop Lee. "With your generous gift to the Bishop’s Appeal, we can invest in places where we see God working to create and sustain thriving congregations.

Give to the Bishop's Appeal by Pentecost, May 20.

From Bishop Lee: Pray and Advocate for Dreamers/Rezar y Abogar por los "Dreamers"

Dear People of God in the Diocese of Chicago:

These are urgent times for Christians who seek to follow Jesus by loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Estimado Pueblo de Dios en la Diócesis de Chicago:

Estos son momentos urgentes para los cristianos que quieren seguir a Jesús por amar a nuestros prójimos como a nuestros mismos.

Read more.


May 24 - 26 | Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago
June 2 | St. James Cathedral
College for Congregational Development Summer Intensive
June 10 - 16, 2018  | Loyola Retreat Campus in Woodstock, IL

June 13-15 | Hyatt Regency Lisle, IL
June 16 | St. James Cathedral
May 13 - 24, 2019
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