Plan-It is a one day training session for adult leaders who work in youth and children’s ministry. Together we’ll walk through a planning process that helps you schedule your upcoming program year. And we’ll provide helpful youth ministry perspectives to guide your planning. We’ll talk about how to build a leadership producing culture and how to care for yourself, so that you want to stay in ministry for the long haul! You’ll have space to plan your calendar, suggestions for how to plan, and the opportunity to connect with other leaders. Come by yourself or bring your whole team. Give us one day, and we'll give you one year!


  • Work smarter and faster, knowing why you do what you do.

  • Leave with a planned framework for next year's youth ministry. 

  • Structure a relational team to lead your programs.

  • Borrow, exchange, and share ideas from other participants.

  • Personalize self-care stay-in-ministry goals.

  • Learn youth ministry lenses you will teach over and over to others. 

Who is it for?

Everyone responsible for youth ministry program planning, including pastors, youth ministers, DCE's, and volunteers. Come by yourself, bring a partner, or bring a small team! 

When and Where?

June 6, 2019 at St. James Commons. (65 E. Huron Chicago, IL 60611)

Presented and facilitated by:

Chad Senuta, Associate for Youth and Campus Ministry for the Diocese of Chicago.


Online registration is now open! Registration cost is $25 per participant. Scholarships available.


9am Arrive and check in
9:30am Three Youth Ministry Planning Lenses
10:30am Guided calendaring
11:50am Seasons and Cycles
12:00pm Lunch Sharing
12:40pm “How Are You?” Keeping you in ministry!
1:10pm Guided calendaring continued
2:30pm Developing a Leadership Forming Culture
3:00pm Guided calendaring continued
3:30pm Inviting participation
3:45pm Highlights and Final Words 4:00pm Off to home! 

Participants also receive a free digital 30+ page guide. 

  • Key Youth Ministry Lenses 
  • Planning Guides
  • Program Ideas 
  • Templates
  • Leadership options