Global Mission

The Diocese of Chicago reaches beyond northern Illiniois to bring Good News to the world through its partnerships with companion dioceses in Renk, Sudan and Southeast Mexico; through mission trips, material support and prayer for the church in the Congo, Central America, Haiti, Jerusalem and the Middle East, Mexico, and Mozambique; and support of missionaries worldwide. Much of this work is coordinated by the Commission on Global Ministry and its subcommittees for companion diocese relationships.

Companion Dioceses

At the 2001 Annual Convention the Diocese of Chicago established companion relationships with two dioceses in other provinces of the Anglican Communion: The Diocese of Renk in the Episcopal Church of Sudan and the Diocese of Southeast Mexico in the Anglican Church of Mexico. These relationships were renewed after the initial five year commitment in 2006. The Commission on Global Ministry, which sponsored the companion diocese resolution, describes the partnerships as mutual ventures in mission, ones that involve reciprocal visits, congregational links, language and cultural sharing, youth involvement, exchange of clergy and seminarians, and the exchange of spiritual and material resources. For more information download the Companion Diocesan Relationship Summary.

During the nine year relationships, over two dozen Diocese of Chicago congregations have formed partnerships with congregations in either Southeast Mexico or Renk, and sponsored visits by the companion diocese bishops, The Rt. Rev. Benito Juarez-Martinez of Southeast Mexico and The Rt. Rev. Joseph Garang Atem of Renk; and sent mission teams to Southeast Mexico and Renk.

Through our companion relationships with the Dioceses of Southeast Mexico and Renk, Sudan we are helping to establish or expand outreach centers, worship spaces, and schools for the benefit of the church and community, and through these partnerships we are deepening our knowledge and understanding of what it means to be witnesses for Christ in all places and with all people.

Learn more about companion relationships by reading the Companion Diocese Summary, or visit the webpages of the Partnerships program and the Companion Diocese Network of The Episcopal Church Mission Office.