Change in Lay Minister Licensing

August 24, 2012


Bishop Lee and the Commission on Ministry have determined that congregations in the Diocese of Chicago may now nominate, train and commission their own Eucharistic ministers and visitors, lay preachers, and other lay ministers. The Bishop will provide licenses in instances where a local congregation wishes to have an acknowledgement of their selection of lay ministers.

“It is my preference and the preference of the members of the Commission on Ministry that persons be nominated, nurtured, trained and commissioned within their own faith communities for lay ministries,” said Bishop Lee. “If a local community desires an acknowledgment of such a selection from my office, I am happy to accommodate by providing a license if it is helpful.”

Over several months this spring and summer, the Bishop and the Commission on Ministry reviewed Canon III, 4.1(a), which governs the selection and training of pastoral leaders, worship leaders, preachers, eucharistic ministers, eucharistic visitors, evangelists or catechists. During their review, they determined that “the teasing out of the ways in which each of us is equipped to fulfill our ministries both within church structures and out in the world is often most effectively done within the local community where such gifts are to be shared,” said Bishop Lee.

For more information on resources for nurturing and training individuals for ministries in your congregation, please talk with Vicki Garvey at or 312-751-4204.

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