Family Systems Workshop for Clergy and Lay Leaders October 17

September 17, 2014

The Center for Family Consultation Presents, "Differentiation of Self and Emotional Leadership in Relationship Systems" with Daniel V. Papero, Ph.D. at St. James Commons on Friday, October 17.

An individual's level of differentiation of self, as defined in Bowen theory, is central not only to the capacity to adapt to life's challenges, but to the influence they have on others in their relationship systems. That basic level determines the degree to which a person regulates his own behavior or the degree to which it is regulated by the relationships processes he is a part of. Differentiation of self provides a model of leadership marked not by the influence one has over others, but by the influence one has on others. To paraphrase Dr. Bowen, the functioning of relationship systems improves when a leader has the courage to define self, is as invested in the well-being of the family / organization as in self, who works at changing self rather than telling others what to do, who respects the opinions of others while not being swayed by the irresponsible opinions, and who can modify self in relation to the strengths of the system.

In this one day conference, Dr. Papero will discuss the concept of differentiation of self and its implications for the functioning of family, work, and other organizational systems.

There is a special registration rate for diocesan clergy and lay leaders at $50.00 per person. To register please use the online link. If you have any questions, contact Louisa Hallas.

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