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 Congregations and ministries that are searching for clergy work with the diocese's transitions office, which posts available openings and updates on this page. For clergy salary and benefit information, please check out the Treasurer's Office section of the site. The Supply Clergy page has rates and a roster of clergy available for supply work.

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Clergy Openings

Receiving Names for rector, vicar and priest-in-charge

To be considered for any of the openings below, please fill out the Clergy Information Form for Transitions for each search for which you would like to apply.


 St. Edmund's Episcopal Church, Chicago

St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church, an historic African-American church located in the Washington Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, is seeking a full time rector. St. Edmund’s has committed lay leadership, strong relationships and visibility in the wider community, and healthy financial resources to support their mission and ministries. They are searching for a rector who will work collaboratively with them to grow the church, and to continue promoting the awareness and practice of Christian ideals and principles within their worshipping community. They want to both “reach in” to increase participation among members and improve communication, and also reach out to the wider community through the development of new and exciting programs that will attract and retain young people and young married couples. Their vision continues to be that St. Edmund’s is viewed as a beacon of hope within and beyond the worshipping community.

To learn more about St. Edmund's, please visit their website or browse their OTM profile. If you would like to submit your name for St. Edmund's next rector, please fill out the Clergy Information Form for Transitions.


Grace Episcopal Church, New Lenox

Grace Episcopal Church, located outside of the City of Chicago and near Joliet, is seeking a new vicar. Grace seeks a vicar who can work collaboratively with the lay leadership to find creative solutions to new challenges and expand on the many current traditions the congregation has. The new vicar should be able to help the congregation develop a vision to go along with the nearly-completed renovation project, which has restored the church, rectory and grounds. Grace seeks to explore alternative ways to worship and find ways to bring the sense of connection of the congregation to the larger community in New Lenox. The new vicar will also share the goal of developing spiritual generosity and increasing financial stability for the congregation. Grace is a vibrant, small congregation with strong lay leadership and without conflict in the recent history. 

To learn more about Grace, please download their Parish Profile. If you would like to submit your name for Grace's next rector, please fill out the Clergy Information Form for Transitions.


Trinity Episcopal Church, Chicago

Trinity Episcopal Church is located on the near South Side, on the northern border of the area commonly known as “Bronzeville.” Trinity is one of the historic African-American congregations in our diocese. Trinity has a vision to be the Episcopal presence on the near-South side of the City of Chicago, spreading the Gospel to the neighborhood and wider urban community. Trinity is a racially, culturally and economically integrated parish. Trinity is searching for a rector who will make necessary changes to attract families with children and youth to our church, work to renew and revitalize the community around the church by building coalitions and partners and provide more opportunities for Christian education and spiritual formation at every age and stage of life. The congregation has two worship services each Sunday. Many outreach groups use the parish building during each day of the week. 

To learn more about Trinity, please download their Parish Profile. If you would like to submit your name for Trinity's next rector, please fill out the Clergy Information Form for Transitions.


 St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Morrison

The Church of St. Anne in Morrison, Illinois, is composed of approximately 40 active members from various backgrounds and a variety of different social and political viewpoints. The congregation's style is one shaped by the creeds and a deep appreciation for high church liturgy. St. Anne's is an aging parish, seeking a rector who can draw involvement from the community of Morrison and grow the average Sunday attendance. The parish recognizes that in order to survive, they must grow. The congregation has had conflict in the past, and seeks a rector who will be able to help the parish move beyond past conflicts and enable St. Anne's to grow into a robust parish in the Morrison Community. 

Please learn more about St. Anne's and Morrison, Illinois, by reading their parish profile. If you would like to submit your name for St. Anne's next rector, please fill out the Clergy Information Form for Transitions.


  St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Dixon, Illinois is seeking a part-time Rector. The congregation is open to methodical change and is theologically progressive. In addition to Sunday worship, St. Luke’s hosts a Wednesday healing service. There is a strong history of outreach to the wider community in Dixon, led not only by the deacon but also by parishioners. Being an active part of the wider community is an integral part of the congregation. Although the open rector position is part time, the congregation is well supported financially and is able to support not only their clergy but also their historic building and parish life well, considering the size of the congregation and the mean income of the community. The congregation is searching for a rector who is theologically progressive, and who will be able to continue the momentum currently in place with parish and community events.

To learn more about St. Luke’s, please download their Parish Profile. If you would like to submit your name for St. Luke's next rector, please fill out the Clergy Information Form for Transitions.


Messiah-St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church

8255 S. Dante Avenue, Chicago, IL 60619

Messiah-St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church, an African American community of faith located in the Avalon Park neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side, seeks a part-time priest-in-charge to lead their lay-empowered congregation of 127 active baptized members. With an average Sunday attendance of 53, Messiah-St. Bartholomew parishioners build community through their faith in Jesus and shared Christian values. They describe themselves as a prayerful parish that is both adaptable and welcoming.

During a long stretch without a rector, increased lay leadership has become not only a necessity, but a source and practice of spiritual growth for many members, expanding their sense of faith community beyond the Sabbath. The congregation seeks a leader who will recognize and embrace the importance of the congregation’s involvement and ownership of the day-to-day aspects of their community, but who will also work with them to find a healthy balance of responsibility. The parish has a strong sense of their history and look forward to a future with their next priest who they hope will partner with them in pursuing short and long term goals of attracting new members - especially young families, designing a successful stewardship program based in spiritual generosity, developing Christian formation programing across age groups, revitalizing the music program to deepen the congregation’s worship experience, leading facilities renovation projects, and celebrating and supporting the parish’s foundational worship traditions and outreach programs. Messiah-St. Bartholomew has a highly organized and effective outreach and development center that ministers to the hungry, youth, unemployed, seniors, young families, and others across three south side neighborhoods with great efficiency and care. The parish wishes their next priest to be supportive and spiritually guiding of the center’s efforts.

In addition, the next priest-in-charge of Messiah-St. Bartholomew will be enthusiastic about ecumenical partnerships in the surrounding community, an empathetic pastoral presence, an energetic and confident leader, a comfortable collaborator, an encourager of lay leadership, a spiritual guide, a talented preacher who incorporates the Bible and theological principles in his or her sermons, have a gift for relating to youth, and be a person who is equally compassionate and good-natured.

Learn more about Messiah-St. Bartholomew and the kind of leadership they seek by reading their parish profile.

To be considered for Rector of Messiah-St. Bartholomew, Chicago If you would like to submit your name for Messiah-St. Bartholomew, please fill out the Clergy Information Form for Transitions.


Receiving names for assistant, assisting and associate clergy

Searches for assistant/assisting and associate clergy in our diocese are managed by the individual congregation. If you wish to apply for a position listed below, please follow the instructions in the posting.

St. Augustine's Episcopal Church

1140 Wilmette Avenue, Wilmette

St. Augustine's is a healthy, growing parish on the North Shore of Lake Michigan 45 minutes from downtown Chicago. This teaching congregation seeks a faithful and gifted transitional deacon or priest who would value a three-year curacy as a time of learning, growth and responsibility in preparation to become a rector or vicar.

In its new curate, the parish seeks a leader who is curious, hard-working, entrepreneurial, and innovative, who works well with others to bring ideas into reality. The curate will share in liturgical, pastoral, formational and administrative ministry with the rector. This position will develop over time, shaped by the particular gifts of the curate and the needs of the parish, as well as the curate’s ministry development goals for future leadership as rector or vicar.

To learn more, please download this ministry description. To apply, send cover letter, resume, OTM, and two sermon texts to The Rev. Kristin White. This position is intended for newly-ordained persons. The anticipated start date will be in the summer of 2017.




congregations Not YET Receiving Names

St. John's Episcopal Church, Lockport

St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Sycamore

St. Benedict's Episcopal Church, Bolingbrook

 Each of these congregations will make an announcement when ready to accept names. Check back here for more information.