Deacon Leadership Team

The Deacon Leadership Team consists of leadership from all orders (deacon, lay, priest). The team meets monthly, and splits work among seven areas of responsibility: discernment, formation, deployment, relationships, mission, growth, and continuing education. In addition to responsibility for a specific area of work, the members of the Leadership Team are a resource for individual deacons who have questions or concerns for which they would like information, advice, or support.  We are available to help you.  Team members are listed below:

Craighead small

Tom Craighead—Formation

Develop and monitor formation plans for postulants. Oversee and monitor formation progress of postulants and candidates.


Sue Nebel—Deployment

Provide resources and support for deacons and parishes where they serve. Consult with Bishop and priests about potential assignments of deacons to faith communities.


Kevin Caruso—Relationships

Monitor status of deacons in parishes. Provide resources to develop and strengthen effective working relationships between deacons and rectors/vicars/priests-in-charge.


Newt Carpenter—Mission

Monitor activities of deacons and facilitate communication about their work to deacons and to the diocese. Support and coordinate collaborative efforts in new projects.

Ed BIrd

Ed Bird—Growth

Initiate and coordinate efforts to increase the size and diversity of the diaconate. Provide education about diaconate to congregations.

Patt Moser

Pat Moser—Discernment

Serve as a resource and support for individuals interested in the diaconate and in the discernment process. Provide orientation and ongoing support to parish discernment committees in their work.

Toni Daniels Pic

Toni Daniels—Continuing Education

Provide information and resources for continuing education for deacons. Develop and monitor reporting structure for deacons' continuing education.