Who to Call

Accounts Payable Rebecca Roberts 312.751.6726
Address Changes, Directory Updates Karin Gutierrez 312.751.4219
Bishop of Chicago Jeffrey D. Lee 312.751.4217
Bishops' Appointments & Visitations (confirmation, diocesan, deanery) Anne Cothran 312.751.4217
Bishop and Trustees Courtney Reid 312.751.6725
Camp Chicago Chad Senuta 312.751.6722
Campus Ministry Chad Senuta 312.751.6722
Capital Campaigns Crystal Plummer 312.751.3577
Clergy & Lay Ministry (ordination process, leadership issues, misconduct) Andrea Mysen 312.751.4210
Clergy Compensation Anna Stefaniak 312.751.4202
Clergy Transitions Andrea Mysen 312.751.4203
Clergy Relief Society Keith Kampert 312.751.4201
Commission on Ministry Louisa McKellaston 312.751.4214
Communications Crystal Plummer 312.751.3577
Congregational Vitality Louisa McKellaston 312.751.4214
Congregations & Congregations Commission Andrea Mysen 312.751.4210
Deacons Andrea Mysen 312-751-4210
Development & Fundraising Crystal Plummer 312.751.3577
Diocesan Calendar Jen Boyle-Tucker 312.751.4215
Diocesan Convention Karin Gutierrez 312.751.4219
Email Newsletter Jen Boyle-Tucker 312.751.4215
Finance Keith Kampert 312.751.4201
Fresh Start Andrea Mysen 312.751.4210
Happening Chad Senuta 312.751.6722
Hispanic Ministries Alvaro Araica 773.443.8189
Human Resources
(health insurance, benefits, personnel issues)
Anna Stefaniak 312.751.4202
Keeping God's People Safe Karin Gutierrez 312.751.4219
Legal Questions Courtney Reid 312.751-6725
Letters of Agreement Anna Stefaniak 312.751.4202
Living Compass Scott Stoner 414.305.5997
Maintenance Henry Leach 312.751.6729
Media Relations Rebecca Wilson 330.524.2067
Meeting Space Reservations Reception 312.751.4200
Mission Properties Tom Camell 312.751.4211
Mutual Ministry Review Andrea Mysen 312.751-4203
Operations Courtney Reid 312.751-6725
Parochial Reports Rebecca Roberts 312.751.6726
Property Insurance Courtney Reid 312.751-6725
Property Management (leasing, construction project) Courtney Reid 312.751-6725

Liz Lazaro
Jocelyn Soto

Sexual Misconduct/Boundary Issues (Clergy and Lay) Andrea Mysen 312.751.4203
Stewardship Crystal Plummer 312.751.3577
Supply Clergy Louisa McKellaston 312.751.4214
Total Ministry Andrea Mysen 312.751.4203
Youth and Young Adult Ministries Chad Senuta 312.751.6722
Website Jen Boyle-Tucker 312.751.4215