Update on NATO Protestors at Trinity

May 03, 2012

Today the bishop’s office received a phone call from the victim of an alleged attempted sexual assault committed in 1994 by Fr. Errol Narain, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church.

The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, expressed her concern that Fr. Narain's recent offer to provide NATO protestors with overnight accommodation at Trinity could put women protestors at risk.

Bishop Lee, who is out of the state on retreat, spoke with the victim by phone this evening. Out of pastoral concern for her, the bishop has directed Fr. Narain not to be on site when NATO protestors are camping at Trinity.

When the victim initially came forward in 2005, the diocese conducted a thorough investigation and found that the allegation of attempted sexual assault was credible. Fr. Narain was placed under pastoral restrictions during that investigation. The restrictions were lifted in 2007 when no further victims had come forward and when two independent psychiatrists had determined that he was not likely to reoffend. Because the civil and canonical statue of limitations had expired before the victim came forward, no legal proceedings were initiated.

The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago is committed to maintaining a safe and supportive atmosphere for the children and adults who are members of its congregations, attend its programs or participate in its ministries. Keeping God’s People Safe training is required for all clergy, paid employees, those who provide pastoral services, and all persons who work with children or youth. In addition, all clergy and paid employees undergo screening interviews and background checks. To learn more, please visit our website.

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