Letter from Bishop Lee and Bishop Buchanan

May 06, 2012

Dear Friends:

Grace and peace to you in the name of the risen Christ.

During this Easter season of rebirth, we are glad to report that we have taken another step in discussing the possible reunification of the Dioceses of Quincy and Chicago, which were created when the Diocese of Illinois divided into three in 1877.

On Saturday, April 28, we met with lay and clergy leaders from Quincy and Chicago to discuss the legal, practical, and spiritual considerations of reunification. We agreed to develop a plan and timeline for future discussions; to meet again on August 18; and to plan time at our fall annual conventions—Quincy’s synod on October 20 and Chicago’s convention on November 16-17—to talk about reunification.

Between now and our meeting in August, we will form a joint working group to examine various issues involved in reunification, including the Diocese of Quincy’s ongoing efforts to regain buildings and funds currently in the possession of people who left the Episcopal Church in 2008. This due diligence process will be in the capable hands of our diocesan chancellors and laypeople from both dioceses with relevant professional experience.

Even as we attend to these business matters, we want to assure you that a spirit of discernment is guiding our reunification discussions. This conversation is primarily about the wellbeing of the people of both dioceses and the mission and ministry to which God is calling us.

As our reunification conversations proceed, please pray for each other and for the leaders who are discerning our future. We also invite you to learn more about each other through www.thedioceseofquincyonline.com andwww.episcopalchicago.org. As we continue our work, we hope to plan visits and hold events that will allow us to get to know one another and worship together.


The Rt. Rev. John C. Buchanan The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee

Provisional Bishop of Quincy Bishop of Chicago

Participants in the April 28 meeting:

Christine Barrow, Diocese of Quincy

Bishop John Buchanan, Diocese of Quincy

James Clement, Diocese of Quincy

Robert Dedmon, Diocese of Quincy

Bishop Christopher Epting, Diocese of Chicago

Tom Ewing, Diocese of Quincy

Tom Fortuna, Diocese of Quincy

Matthew Gunter, Diocese of Chicago

Richard Hoskins, Diocese of Chicago

Bishop Jeffrey Lee, Diocese of Chicago

Kristin Orr, Diocese of Chicago

Bruce Plummer, Diocese of Chicago

Courtney Reid, Diocese of Chicago

Shawn Schreiner, Diocese of Chicago

Peggy Lee, Diocese of Quincy

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