Congregations Commission Awards Grants

November 28, 2012


November 28, 2012--The Congregation Commission, which operates under the authority of the Bishop and Trustees of the Diocese of Chicago, has announced Mission/Vitality Grants of $462,270 to 22 congregations in our diocese.

In a new grantmaking process, congregations were guaranteed 50% of their mission grant from 2012 and invited to apply for more through a vitality grant application. Grants ranged from $3,000 to $80,000 and were awarded based on need, vitality as self-assessed with the Church Assessment Tool, and the work that lay and clergy leaders are doing to increase mission and ministry in their community. Some of the congregations have long histories, while others are new missions in growing neighborhoods. Some are moving to become self-sustaining, and others are faithful communities discerning how best to minister as small churches.

The money awarded is from funds held in trust for the diocese from endowments and the sale of properties by Bishops and Trustees. Lay and clergy members of the Congregation Commission serve as liaisons to each congregation, partnering with local leadership to support the growth of our churches, through connecting congregation leaders with information and resources, articulating and maintaining covenants and supporting the offering of the new Thrive process for developing congregational vitality.

For more information contact the Rev. Steven Godfrey at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Des Plaines or the Rev. Andrea Mysen at Trinity Church in Highland Park.