Bishop Responds to Obama Gun Control Proposals

January 16, 2013

The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, Episcopal bishop of Chicago, released this statement today in response to President Obama's gun control proposals:

I am heartened by the Obama Administration’s commitment to curb gun violence, which is an everyday epidemic in Chicago and, increasingly, other communities in Illinois. The President’s proposals will help get guns off our streets, especially by curbing gun trafficking and instituting universal background checks. The young people of our cities also especially need the President’s initiatives that will help create safe and nurturing school environments and provide treatment for the trauma and PTSD that are a fact of life for too many urban children.

While we advocate for these much-needed federal proposals, all of us must face the stark reality that too much urban violence is borne out of the ugly cycles of poverty and racism for which we as a society are accountable. Our city streets cannot become safer for children and young people until all of us who have turned away repent of our neglect and commit ourselves to standing with our children to heal their world and ours.

The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago comprises 40,000 people in 124 congregations in Northern Illinois. The Episcopal Bishop of Chicago is the Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, who leads the diocese to grow the church, form the faithful, and change the world. To learn more, please visit