One Book, One Diocese

February 06, 2013

HTW.jpgOnce again this year, Bishop Lee will lead an online book discussion during Lent. This year's book is Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers by Anne Lamott. The book is available in stores, online, and in Kindle, iBook, and audio formats. The discussion will begin on Ash Wednesday, February 13, on the diocese's blog.

When the book was published in November, Lamott explained its title in an interview with the Washington Post:

"I think sometimes we don't know that what we're doing is a form of prayer. "Help" is the main prayer. "Help" is the prayer of surrender and having a real shot at things beginning to change because you've finally run out of good ideas. "Help" is the hardest prayer, and it's the most poignant. It's a person being humbled.

"People say 'Thanks' all the time in so many ways. Even people who don't believe in God or in any kind of higher power notice when their family catches a break: The diagnosis was much better than it could have been; it really isn't a transmission, it's a timing belt; it's something manageable instead of huge and awful.

"'Wow' is the praise prayer. I think every time you see a night sky full of stars, you say, "Wow." It was so cold here today, I had to get up really early, and I stepped outside, and I was like, "Whooooa!" which is a cousin of "Wow." It was so crisp, so beautiful. It's like getting spritzed with a plant mister. It kind of wakes you back up.

Read the entire interview.