June 8 Vote on Reunion with Diocese of Quincy

April 25, 2013

Since 2008, the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy, based in Peoria, has been forging a new identity and mission after its bishop and about 60% of its members broke away to become founders of the conservative Anglican Church of North America.

That new identity may include reunion with the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. The two dioceses were formed in 1877, when the Diocese of Illinois, founded in 1835, split to accommodate growth.

On June 8, the 175th Convention of the Diocese of Chicago, which first met in November 2012, will reconvene at St. James Cathedral to consider the proposed reunification with the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy. This meeting is in accordance with Resolution A-175, which was unanimously passed in November. It affirms the Diocese of Chicago's intent to pursue reunification with Quincy and directing the bishop, with the advice and consent of the Standing Committee, to seek approval of the Quincy Reunion Agreement.

In his address to the November 2012 convention, Bishop Lee said, "I have seen first hand how God's people in Quincy long to be active participants in the future God has for us as a church. Episcopalians have a role to play and a story to tell. I do not have all the answers to what that future might look like in all its details, but I do know I will not walk away from Episcopalians in the Diocese of Quincy who want to join with us in witnessing to the power of the Risen Christ who overcomes all divisions."

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