Task Force on the Diaconate

July 17, 2013

The Diocese of Chicago has been a leader in recovering the diaconate as a distinctive ministry within the Episcopal Church. As the needs of the church change it is time to look at the way we identify, form and deploy deacons. The importance of a vigorous sense of the church's servant ministry has never been more important.

To this end, Bishop Lee invited a small group of deacons, lay persons and presbyters to join him in considering the role of the diaconate in our diocese. The Task Force on the Diaconate, which held its first meeting in April, includes Victor Conrado, Tom Craighead, Aimee Delevett, Jess Elfring, Debbie Harrington, Jeffrey Lee, Sue Nebel, Melissa Perrin, Ron Valentine, and Kristen White. The purpose of the task force is to articulate a vision for the diaconate, look at the character of the diaconal community in this diocese, evaluate the formation process for deacons, and prepare a list of recommendations to make this ordained ministry more effective among us.

The group identified five areas on which to focus attention and conversation in subsequent meetings over the next year.

  1. Relationships
  2. Formation
  3. Discernment/Recruitment
  4. Clarity about Role
  5. Oversight
If you have thoughts you would like to share related to any of these five areas, please email Sue Nebel.