Standing Committee Statement on Marriage Equality

June 01, 2014

The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago wishes to express its strong support as the State of Illinois officially begins celebrating same sex marriages on June 1. As a Christian denomination that recognizes the importance of scripture, tradition and reason, we believe in a God who commanded us to “love one another as I have loved you.” As Christians, our understanding of homosexuality has evolved along with our understanding of marriage.

Our bishop, Jeffrey D. Lee, has described marriage as a “school for holiness,” a sign of Christ’s love in a broken world lived out by two people in mutual love and fidelity. We rejoice in the love and commitment of all who are called to holy matrimony, for such covenants build strong families and communities and uphold the Kingdom of God.

We are aware that some religious traditions do not support same sex marriages, but as Episcopalians, we have seen the joy and blessing that same sex marriages have brought to our communities.

Category: Diocesan News