St. James Commons to Host Faith Forward Conference

February 03, 2015

St. James Commons will host the Faith Forward Conference April 20-23, 2015 for the spiritual formation of children and youth.
"Something is happening in the church. Fresh expressions of Christianity are taking root and growing across the globe. Forward-thinking approaches to ministry, worship, and community are emerging. Questions are being asked. Lines of division are being crossed. And change is happening in all sorts of Christian traditions and denominations. But what does the spiritual formation of children and youth look like in the midst of these changes? Faith Forward gatherings seek to help leaders and partners in ministry re-imagine children’s and youth ministry through theology, relationship, and practice.”
Clergy and lay leaders from the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago receive a special discounted rate to attend ($199  instead of the full-price registration of $299). Use the code "Diocese" during registration.
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