News from the Hunger Committee: Top Box Foods

December 22, 2015

The diocesan Hunger Committee would like to share information about Top Box Foods, a three-year old nonprofit that addresses the needs of people in the Chicago area who live in areas with poor access to healthy and affordable foods.

Top Box Foods is a year-round resource for anyone who wants to bring fresh produce and frozen food home or who wants to help their neighbors do the same. Congregations can participate in one of four ways: being a delivery site in an underserved area that distributes food, being a partner site that orders food for people in the congregation or community from the delivery site, providing volunteers, or donating to support these efforts.

Currently, Top Box Foods primarily serves Chicago’s South and West Side neighborhoods and less affluent communities in Lake County. It caters to undeserved areas with limited nutritious options known as “food deserts.” It also caters to “food swamps,” communities that give rise to an abundance of junk food and fast-food joints through the lack of full-service grocery stores.

Top Box Foods sells food at wholesale prices once a month. Clients pre-order  through a contact person at their church or community group. The food boxes are prepaid or can be paid for on delivery days through cash, credit, check or Link cards. Clients or a church volunteer goes to the delivery site to pick up the pre-ordered food.  Each partnership church receives 5 percent of all Top Box sales as an incentive or to cover its costs. Top Box staff are available to make presentations, display food boxes samples and explain the process at each church. Top Box Foods thanks churches for helping to make it an additional avenue for wholesome, wholesale food for God's people.

For more information, please contact Jackie Combs Nelson, volunteer, at,  (312) 527-7890, or (847) 276-0773.