News from the Peace & Justice Committee

August 17, 2016

The Peace & Justice Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago will meet Saturday, August 20 at 9 am at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (48 N Hoyne Ave, Chicago). All are invited to get involved and learn  —As a member, you would have an opportunity to learn how you can enable Christ's voice be heard in our society. The P & J Committee supports education on community organizing, letter writing campaigns, educational trips & active participation in local and national protests & rallies on the issues of immigration, racism, poverty, gun violence & Palestine/Israel. You can get involved in any or all of these ways in which, coming together, we can help promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information, please email the Rev. Jackie Lynn


In addition to meetings, the Peace and Justice Committee  offers congregations and small groups the following suggestions and resources for fall programming:


  • Gun Violence: Committee member Ellen Lindeen (St. Michael's Barrington) recommends the documentary film Under the Gun (downloadable from Itunes, Amazon, Xfinity and others) 1hr50min. Reviews call it “masterfully crafted” and "the best film on firearms since the 2002’s Oscar-winning documentary “Bowling for Columbine.” The committee encourages parishes to have a showing of Under the Gun followed by a discussion lead by the Illinois Council on Handgun Violence ( to focus on Illinois initiatives to reduce gun violence.
  •  Islamophobia: What is it and where does it come from? Christianity shares much with Islam in the Abrahamic Tradition, yet the popular press would have us at odds with our co-religion.  If Islam is not the problem, how can we bridge the divide?  New committee member Charles Stewart (Church of Our Saviour) Professor Emeritus, UIUC and director of programing at Northwestern’s Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa, is available for presentation and discussion.  Contact Professor Stewart by email.
  •  Israel/Palestine: Committee members are available to speak to your congregation about the No Way To Treat a Child campaign that "seeks to challenge Israel's prolonged military occupation of Palestinians by exposing widespread and systematic ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system."  Visit the campaign website  and contact Newland Smith or The Rev. Anthony Vaccaro for more information.
  • Interfaith Coalition Against Racism: The Peace & Justice Committee is a founding member the Interfaith Coalition Against Racism (ICAR). ICAR is organizing an event for the third week of November, one year later of the release of the  LaQuan McDonald video, and seeks individuals and faith groups to get involved.  Contact Jackie Lynn, Peace & Justice Committee chair for more information. 
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