Telling Our Stories

Critical Cultural Competency Workshop on August 17

Offered by Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training and its regional program, Chicago Regional Organizing for Antiracism (Chicago ROAR), this workshop is designed to help participants create the spaces to be self-reflective about our cultural shaping as individuals and institutions, understand the power dynamics in society that impact us, develop the skills to interrupt old patterns and inequitable practices that limit access and exclude some people from our institutions, build trust and clear communication and begin to understand how to make decisions based on multiple perspectives where all people can be heard and represented.

Succession Plan

When Bishop Jeffrey Lee announced in February that he would be retiring next August, he set in motion a long and complex process during which there is abundant opportunity for uncertainty. But diocesan leaders and Bishop Todd Ousley of the Episcopal Church’s Office of Pastoral Development are committed to keeping anxiety at a minimum during what could be an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Standing in Solidarity with Immigrants: A Letter from Bishop Lee

Bishop Lee writes, "Today, local and national news outlets are reporting that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will begin rounding up migrant families who have received deportation orders early on Sunday morning in Chicago and other major cities. It is expected that these raids will also result in the arrest of many undocumented immigrants who have not received deportation orders.

"For the past several years, as federal immigration policy has become harsher, deportations have increased and families, including Episcopalians in our own congregations here in the Diocese of Chicago, have lived in unprecedented fear. This news of new raids and mass deportations threatens to make these fears real as families are torn apart and members of our communities and congregations are wrenched away from lives they have labored for years to build. Coupled with recent reports of inhumane and even deadly conditions in shelters for migrants on our southern border, the threat of these raids makes it difficult not to conclude that our immigration system is failing to operate with common humanity or to embody the highest values of our country or its people."

Still Singing

Adults with early stage dementia sing new songs in the Good Memories Choir

Chicago Pride on June 30

Chicago's Pride Parade will take place on June 30, and this year, Bishop Lee and Episcopalians from across the diocese will participate as part of the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches contingent.