Thrive! Magazine

Thrive! is published twice each year by the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

Spring 2019

  • Joyful Noisemakers
    Adults with early stage dementia sing new songs in the Good Memories Choir.
  • A Pathway Opens
    A new program offers congregations a way to explore the legacy of slavery.
  • Parish and School Together
    Grace, Hinsdale, takes a comprehensive approach to formation and education. 
  • Crisis Averted
    St. Barnabas, Glen Ellyn, stayed focused on its mission, even under a failing roof.
  • Looking Toward an Election
    The diocese takes the first steps toward electing a new bishop. 
  • On Identity and Innovation
    The church should not sacrifice its tradition to broaden its appeal.

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Fall 2018

  • A Faithful Perspective
    A reporter's eye deepens Ray Suarez's analysis of his church.
  • Learning to Juggle
    A changing church seeks new flexibility from its clergy.
  • Lessons in Empowerment
    College for Congregational Development equips laity to lead. 
  • A Change at the Top
    Matthew Berryman is the new executive director of ECCS.
  • Not a One-Time Thing
    College for Congregational Development training is a continuous process. 

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Spring 2018

  • Turn-around Specialists
    A potent force against recidivism, ministries help residents start anew
  • Living in a Climate of Fear
    Latino congregations struggle to cope as racism and raids heighten anxiety
  • Cutting Edge Treatment
    Above and Beyond fights addiction with practical, transformative tactics
  • The Words We Pray
    The 1979 Prayer Book permeates diocesan life. Does it need a revision?
  • Off to General Convention
    The diocesan deputation is ready to go
  • Bringing Forth Books
    Diocesan authors explore worship, offer meditations for Advent, Lent
  • A Leader in Generosity
    Service honors the late Miriam Hoover
  • On Being a Governance Nerd
    General Convention is a calling, too 

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Fall 2017

  • Hard Questions, Free Food
    The diocese's campus ministers create a safe place for spiritual exploration
  • Change Comes to Campus
    Chad Senuta assesses the situation
  • The Work Leaders Do
    Three diocesan leaders demonstrate the art of collaborative leadership
  • Convivio!
    The diocese's Annual Hispanic Liturgy is a festival of faith, food and music
  • Lunch the Bishop's Way
    A Glencoe parish invites neighbors to share a meal and talk church
  • Making Connections
    Stephanie Spellers has some tips
  • Money and Ministry
    Peter Willmott is thinking big
  • Spiritual Warfare
    A new program at Brent House puts St. Ignatius on students' side 

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Spring 2017

  • Galvanized by Gun Violence
    Conference explores roots, responses to the devastation of gun violence
  • An African Ecumenist
    Burundian archbishop visits Chicago to speak of new assignment in Rome 
  • Gifts to Give, Skills to Share
    Lay people play a prominent role in parishes across the diocese 
  • "She will lead with grace"
    Bishop Lee gives consecration sermon for Bishop Baskerville-Burrows
  • A College for Congregations
    By "training the trainers," new program brings fresh expertise to parishes 
  • Making a Commitment 
    Luis Garcia Juarez advocates an "old-world" approach to missions 
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Fall 2016

  • "The Episcopal Church is in the transformation business"
    Bishop Lee on making an impact in practical ways
  • Teaching Assistance
    In poor schools across the diocese, parish volunteers make a difference
  • A Chance at Health
    A wellness ministry inspires new life at a Momence church
  • Steadfast in Faith
    At All Saints, Moline, the table stays open to all
  • Bishop Yvette Flunder
    A chat with the convention keynoter
  • Not Just the Bishop
    Bishop's Appeal keeps diocese healthy
  • Giving Every Kid a Shot
    Changing the trajectory of students' lives

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Spring 2016

  • "Leaders Set the Tone"
    Bishop Lee on the art of leadership
  • A Parish at Last
    St. Benedict's making a big move
  • New Life in a New Place
    Mt. Prospect parishioners find a home
  • Praise in Two Tongues
    Flourishing bilingually in Glen Ellyn
  • Finding Each Other
    How St. Bride's found Barbara Seward
  • Breakfast With the Bishop
    Join Bishop Lee for a morning meal
  • Collaborative Leaders
    Diverse teams are essential in church and out

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Fall 2015

  • Taking Liturgy for a Walk
    Church rituals move new audiences
  • Black and White
    Parishes explore racism together
  • "Like I am Human, Too"
    Groceries and dignity at St. Clement's
  • The Church's Contribution
    Why Christians must talk about race
  • CROSSwalk on the job
    14 interns went to work this summer
  • Lessons in Healing
    Thistle Farm alumnae have overcome
  • A Lifelong Journey
    Bishop Epting learning about race

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Spring 2015

  • Hooks, lines and sinkers
    Catching catfish is a ministry at St. Chad's
  • Little children lead them
    Shaping worship with young families in mind
  • Refugees no more
    St. Paul's by-the-Lake befriends Burmese neighbors
  • Cathedral calls new leader
    Dean has background in arts, Middle East
  • It's summer job season
    Anne Driscoll steps up for CROSSwalk, again
  • The capacity to give
    John Hillman's generous ways
  • United in mourning
    Bishop Epting on the new Coptic martyrs

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Fall 2014

  • Priest with presence
    Richard Tolliver breathes hope into Washington Park
  • Unity and diversity
    Two congregations seek a shared future
  • Grace, gladness, good times
    Parish events support capital campaign
  • Listen first. Then what?
    Questions for convention speaker Sara Miles
  • A workplace revolution
    Randy Lewis builds the Disability Hiring Alliance
  • In full swing
    The Nicholas Center is already hopping
  • "Anyone can make a plan"
    A young priest and his family make a planned gift
  • Serious about Scripture
    Bishop Epting: The Bible in a year
  • A gathering of interns
    Appeal supports CROSSwalk to Work

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Fall 2014 - en Español

Spring 2014

  • Music makers
    Singing congregations are growing congregations.
  • Resilient and resourceful
    Ministries in new deanery respond to local needs
  • South Sudan
    Diocese offers prayers for friends in war's way
  • A focus on wellness
    Living Compass retreats set
  • Grace in the Loop
    Parish fosters opportunity through campaign gift
  • Better together
    Bishop Buchanan celebrates reunion

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Spring 2014 - en Español

Fall 2013

  • A Consultation in Kenya
    Exploring sexuality and scripture with African Anglicans
  • Race in the News and Pews
    Strong feelings, mutual respect mark dialogue at Hyde Park church
  • Singing in the Rain
    A celebration at St. James Commons
  • Latin for Life Changing
    Bishop Lee on the catechumenate
  • An Apostle of Reconciliation
    Bishop Buchanan comes to Chicago
  • A Leadership Incubator
    Introducing the Nicholas Center
  • A New Focus for CROSSwalk
    Sarah Jordan gets to work
  • The Gifts of the Laity
    Bishop Epting lauds Total Ministry
  • If at First You do Succeed…
    Capital campaign enters new phase

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Spring 2013

  • “Thrive” is thriving
    Vitality initiatives brings energy, expertise to 20 congregations.
  • Living Compass
    Innovative wellness program blends spirituality, psychology.
  • En Español
    Spirit is moving in Spanish-speaking congregations across the diocese.
  • Life of the Spirit, Life of the Mind
    The Episcopal Church's generous theology appeals to four gifted young people.
  • A Place of Grace & Gladness
    Congregations large and small support the capital campaign for St. James Commons.
  • Next!
    The campaign for St. James Commons enters a new phase.
  • Bishop Epting
    An eye on ecumenism in the emergent church

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Fall 2012

  • The Harvest is Plentiful
    A farmer and aspiring priest feeds people
  • Making Church Matter
    Diocese unveils vitality initiative
  • Learning What to Say
    Lay chaplains study delicate art
  • A Joyful Gathering
    Hispanic congregations celebrate
  • Interfaith Initiatives
    Partnerships promote common good
  • Diocese of Quincy
    Building relationships, considering reunion
  • A Place of Grace and Gladness
    Capital Campaign for St. James Commons
  • An Ecumenical Pilgrimage
    Bishop Epting looks back on long career
  • To Leave a Legacy, Begin Today
    Announcing the Society of Miriam

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