Certified Church Treasurer Program

The 176th Diocesan Convention approved the Certified Church Treasurer Program.

The 2019 Certified Church Treasurer Program is for church members seeking confirmation of their church treasury knowledge and for congregations as they select a treasurer.

The program provides for the designation of a certified church treasurer, which signifies the successful completion of both units of required coursework.


The program is an independent (at home) study program that will be of particular interest to treasurers, assistant treasurers, finance committee members, and audit committee members


To develop/test treasury knowledge to benefit students and congregations.

Enrollment Application

The 2019 enrollment application is due to the diocesan treasurer by March 31st.


All aspects of communication and course work are conducted electronically. Therefore, students must have sufficient skill and electronic capability including e-mail, the internet, Acrobat, MS Word and Excel.


The program is presented as follows:

Open Book Exam (1 unit): A completed open book exam is due by October 31st

Process improvement implementation report (1 unit): A completed report, signed by a warden and the rector, is due by October 31st. Examples of process improvement projects can be found here.

Certificate and Award: Students successfully completing both units of required coursework will be awarded a Certificate.