Wellness Program


Sample Physicians Letter



At the 2012 Diocesan convention, a resolution was passed regarding health insurance premiums and a wellness program.

"Further Resolved, that beginning January 1, 2014, all clergy and lay employees participating in health insurance plans shall contribute 2% of their cash salary (up to a maximum of $3,000.00) toward payment of their health insurance premiums. This contribution will be reduced or eliminated by participation in the wellness program. (Lay employee contribution is calculated based on cash salary. Clergy contribution is calculated based on the total of cash stipend; self-employment tax offset, and cash housing allowance.)"

Please note the maximum amount of $3000.00 has changed due to the final rule of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


Who can participate in the Wellness Program?

  • Current employees enrolled in the Medical Trust medical plans are required to participate to avoid the 2% salary contribution. Dependents are encouraged to participate, but are not required.

When does the Wellness Program start?

  • The program begins January 1, 2014.

What is the requirement?

  • Each employee enrolled in the Medical Trust medical plans will be required to participate in the annual Preventive Care/Screening/Immunization visit. A form from your doctor stating that you have completed your yearly screening will be required and kept on-file at St. James Commons in the office of the Associate for Human Resources.

Will I have to pay for these visits and the assessment?

  • The Preventive Care/Screening/Immunization visit has no charge when you visit an in-network doctor (when you make your yearly appointment,you must statethat this is your annual preventive care visit). Preventive care is based on guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, American Cancer Society, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Coverage for child immunizations is based on the published guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Will I have to pay any portion of my salary?

  • There will be no salary deductions in 2014 for any employee. Each employee that completes both components in 2014 will not have a salary deduction in 2015. If both requirements are not filled during the calendar year 2014, salary deductions will begin with the first payroll of 2015 and continue for the full year (up to the maximum of $1,720.80, which is 30% of the HDHP single premium coverage in compliance with the final rule of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act).

How will my church be notified of my salary deduction?

  • If the Associate for Human Resources (Anna Stefaniak), does not receive the required documentation from each covered employee by December 15 of each year, she will notify the church and the appropriate person in charge of payroll that a 2% salary deduction is to begin with the first payroll in 2014 and continue for the entire year (up to a maximum amount of $1,720.80).

What kind of proof must I present to avoid salary reduction?

  • A doctor’s note with your name and date of the annual screening is necessary (no health information is required). A sample form letter is attached. This note must be sent directly from your physician either by mail, fax, or email to:

The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

Attn: Anna Stefaniak

65 E. Huron Street

Chicago, IL 60611

Fax: 312-787-5872



Is this only for the year 2014?

  • No, this program will continue each year, unless another program replaces the current program or a new resolution is passed.

How do I find the information I need for my yearly screening?