Supply Clergy

Supply Clergy list

Download the 2018 Supply Clergy List. Please send updates to Louisa McKellaston, 312.751.4214.


For 2018, the compensation rates for Sunday supply work and consulting are:

  • Saturday Evening and Sunday Supply Work
    • $175 for one service
    • $200 for two or more services
  • Mid-Week Services
    • $75 per service
  • Consulting
    • $50 per hour, maximum $300 per day
  • Mileage
    • $0.545 per mile (The mileage rate is set according to IRS standards and is subject to periodic change.)

If a cleric works for one Episcopal employer for at least three consecutive months and earns at least $200 a month, the employer is required to pay pension assessments under the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church (Title I, Canon 8, Section 3 (2009)). (If a cleric performs temporary assignment or supply duties for less than three months or earns less than $200 per month, the employer and/or the cleric have the option of paying pension assessments during the period of the temporary assignment.)

Employers who are employing supply or interim clergy are not exempted from this rule.

If you have questions about pension payments for supply clergy, contact Anna Stefaniak, Associate for Human Resources.